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Layer blending gives me a blocky result

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coolguyslims polycounter lvl 2

I'm trying to smooth out this transition between the soil and the white background, but I keep getting these massive blocky tiles. How can I change this? Is it because the landscape geometry is too low?

The result from trying to blend out the layer with a height map.

Nothing changes when I try to use a stamp.

I want it to look like the dirt mount is resting on top of the white background canvas, with the dirt becoming less dense and packed towards the edges. I thought I could just blend out the layer by height, but it's not working. My height blend is working correctly.

How can I achieve this effect?


  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter

    The landscape layer masks are 1 pixel per vertex so yes - the squares are there because the landscape resolution is low. Increasing it is not the solution though.

    You need to fix the height blend but that should be simple enough if you look at the input textures. it's probably a good idea to autolevels the height map for the soil and set the white material to have a height of 0.5

    to help get rid of the squares you can sample the landscape layer paint and blend it with some noise.

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