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Inconsistent Symmetry in Maya?

polycounter lvl 6
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CGStephanN polycounter lvl 6

I'm making blend shapes on one half of a symmetrical model, and when I duplicate and flip it to the other side of the model, the flipped blend shape does not match perfectly; two to three verts on the flipped blend shape aren't being affected. I figured the problem was that the model was ever so slightly asymmetrical, and I simply didn't notice. But when I activate Object X symmetry and select the affected verts on one half, Maya recognizes the same verts on the other half. So~ the model IS symmetrical after all?

To add another wrinkle to the whole situation, if I select the affected faces of the affected verts, then Maya does NOT recognize the model as symmetrical. So I have this situation where the model is considered symmetrical depending on which component selection mode is used. Has anyone come across this before?


  • okidoki
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    okidoki polycounter lvl 2

    Blender for example has an additional option for symmetrical edit: Toplogy Mirror.. so even if not absolutly symmetrical the edits are mirrored.. IDK Maya good enough to tell when it uses this..

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