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Star Wars Republic Commando Intro Remake

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Sigmatron interpolator

Hi fellow polycounters. Another year, another ambitious personal project. This time I am really set to do a remake of an old game. And here I will post some updates and stuff. Consider it as a blog.

So, for the whole project I will use UE5 and some help from my friends. Not so long ago, I finished let's call it quality reference for the project. So, the bar is set and what's left is a lot of work.



  • Sigmatron
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    Sigmatron interpolator

    To keep things updated, and the thread afloat, I will do more posts with pretty early WIP's.

    At the first stage of the project, I did some planning. Played the game for like 4th time and deconstructed scenes on the Miro board, to keep the assets list in sight. Tried to use Trello/Jira for this project like I do at work, but really after all I understood there are is no need for such a style of work organization. While some numbers of assets are to be created, after all I will work on the 95% of them(I plan to ask friends to help me with a few). Same idea with source control.

    You can check it out here https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lbqowpo=/?share_link_id=590564398038

    Last weekend I managed to get some rest and work on the project. I focused on the 1st scene blockout. One of my favorite stages of the work, when you already have an idea of haw it will look at the end. From this point, you just push it a step further with every iteration.

    I am not certain how I will light the scene, but we will see, will do my best,

    Thoughts/Feedback are highly appriceated!

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