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Bug in 4.05 (doesn't remember pure black fill layer albedo color)

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wilson66 polycounter lvl 7

Under certain conditions, Toolbag doesn't remember the albedo color set for fill layers. I am yet to discover what those conditions are, but when I set the albedo color of one of the fill layers in the layer tree in my recent project from white to black, save the file. Toolbag forgets about it when I close/ re-open the project, and sets the color to white again. No matter how often I do it, Toolbag insists that this fill layers albeo color is supposed to be white.

I have even noticed Toolbag switching the color with the project still open. I edit something different, like a mask on some other group layer, and notice that the color of that fill layer is suddenly switched from black to white. Toolbag seems to love white. Maybe its a hint that I am not designing it right.

Sounds weird, and I am not sure whats going on here, but I am not crazy (yet). ;)

EDIT: It does not seem to be possible to set the albedo color of any fill layer to pure black and have Toolbag save it permanently. It will set to pure white when you close and re-open the project. If you set it to a grey value, or any other non-pure-black value, albedo color will be saved correctly.


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