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WIP - Barrett MK22

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andreygheorghe polycounter lvl 9

I think any props artist should have a weapon or two on his portofolio,so I want to add one myself.I really wanted to make a sniper model for a long time,first I wanted to do the classic Dragunov,but I think it's a bit too common,everybody has a Dragunov model,so I've just searched on Google sniper rifles and I chosed a Barret MK22,since it's intricate enough and I think it will showcase my modelling skills.I will have to model some weapon with wood insertions sometime in the future,it's something I want to do.Anyway,here it's the first blockout and me trying to figure out shapes(this thread is also too keep me motivated,as when I see reactions from you guys it keeps me going 😘):


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