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Looking for artists on 3rd person survival horror project with existing codebase

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I've been working diligently on a survival horror hobby project in my spare time for a couple of years now and I have implemented a lot of functionality. Here's a video detailing some of the features I've implemented (not all of the features are shown here).

As you can see, a lot of the art is placeholder and whiteboxed as I've been focused on coding. I obviously would benefit from help with the 3d art and animation, but this also includes the UI graphic art for the menus and inventory. I would definitely welcome anyone wanting to help contribute in those areas.

I'm focusing first and foremost on getting a demo/prototype to function and look the way I want it to, creating a nice looking area to play in, then probably releasing that small piece on itch.io. Once that's completed, I would then try to really flesh it out and focus on going further, but in the mean-time, this is a hobby to me that I enjoy.


A) I'm not pursuing a proper team at the moment with designers and idea people. I've seen too many of them fail, so I'm just focused on creating a vertical slice with myself, and an artist or two. Just the bare minimum. This vertical slice will consist of a single area made up of indoor environmental art and props to make it feel like a proper small segment of a game, and eventually a single enemy type (maybe two). If I don't find the artist I need, I'll end up switching gears and doing it myself when the time comes. Once the prototype is finished, I'll release on itch, get feedback, and from there I'll consider expanding to a proper team, but you need to realize there's quite a bit of runway before getting to that point. If joining a full team is important to you, then you shouldn't join this project.

B) Because of the first bullet-point, I won't be able to provide concept art. You'll need to be able to work based on similar works as reference. This will be mostly PlayStation survival horror like Dino Crisis and Resident Evil. The type of art I'm mostly needing is environmental/prop, so working without concept art should be doable as long as you can come up with designs for architecture based off reference. I've been occasionally doing it myself as necessary.


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    Your project looks interesting, I might be of help with some 3d modelling. My discord Jhamm_Sua#3041 if you'd want to have a chat.


  • 4busaada
    Hey, i'm pretty much a hobby game dev. i've worked with unity plenty of times, for school and personal projects so i'd consider myself quite familiar with the engine. i've picked up 3D modeling along the way too. but i've mainly used it for advertisements locally. i am quite capable whether if i was using references for modeling or not. i think this project would be fun to work on. i can show you my modeling work if you want as well. you can contact me here or on discord: OG#5607
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