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Reflection "moves" through object shadow

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arcitek polycounter lvl 2

This is a hard one to explain so I tried to capture it in a screen

grab. Ive noticed this before in Unreal Projects where when you do a light bake, the reflections don't always work as they should as you move through the scene. I know that real time engines are not always physically correct but I thought maybe someone could give me some tips to improve this result. I cannot use raytracing in this project since it is an android build for VR. The distracting thing is that depending on the view, the reflection on the floor makes the chair and other objects appear to be floating and gamelike because the reflection removes the shadow. Hopefully this makes some sort of sense.


  • Eric Chadwick
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    Normally I would recommend screen space reflections, but even that's probably too expensive for your hardware.

    Mobile is pretty limiting, especially when you need to double the rendering cost for VR.

    So you'll probably have to get creative to solve this. I would simply make the floor matte instead of reflective.

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