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Request STL model to 3d print cosplay gauntlet; have reference blender file. [CLOSED; ARTIST FOUND]

I need STL files to 3d print the metal sections for my Sunbracers cosplay from Destiny 2.

I can provide a blender file from the video game for reference; however, the issue is that the detail is not in the mesh geometry and is instead in normalmaps, which is insufficient for 3d printing. Also, it is not split up properly.

I need to commission the following metal parts for both the left and right hand:

I also need holes in the following locations in order to fit 3mm and 5mm LEDs:

In separate STL files, I need to have the following cones printed out in clear plastic, and the lines/dots contained within the plastic, to be in orange transparent plastic:

I do not need the lines connecting these pieces to be modeled; I will be using fiber optic cables to connect these pieces. However, I need grooves within the clear cones in order to fit the cables so that they touch the LEDs.

I will be storing the battery packs within the metal brace of the forearm.

I am hoping to have this printed out before early March.

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