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Asking for portfolio review and career advice

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Greetings all, I hope you guys had a great time on the first week of this new year :).

I would like to ask for some opinions and insight in here regarding my portfolio and career as a character artist. I have been applying as character artist position (mid/senior if feeling daring), mostly AA or AAA game studio in Europe while Im based in South East Asia and so far have scored many rejection though some had shown some interest with one or two interviews but ultimately they chose another candidate. Here is the portfolio album that I usually show to them: https://www.artstation.com/constantinuslupus/albums/2048097

Also I have experiences in proper videogame development in roughly 3+ years, mostly in character dept from working for several outsource companies or freelancing

I would like to know how can I improve more and perhaps if there are other aspect that I should be aware of as I understand It might be very hard for people like me to get a job in European Economic Area but I would like to try nevertheless.

Thank you and excuse me if the way I ask is not proper or confusing as I rarely post my thoughts in forum but this thing has been bothering for quite some time now

Anw cheers!


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