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Help understanding elements of digital human

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I've recently finished a character model, which I'll eventually post on this forum for some feedback. 😉 I did debate on whether to ask these questions on the Unreal forum, but I rarely get replies there compared to here.

My latest character model has the best real-time eyes I've made to date, but I know they can be greatly improved for next time. :) I decided to export out and examine the digital human head mesh to see how it was put together. There are, however, a few things I'm confused and unsure about, which I'm hoping some could shed some light on.

Firstly, what is this element exactly and how is it used? There doesn't appear to be anything written about it in the documentation. The material is simply called 'Eye Blend' and it rests next to the caruncle.

Also, how exactly do you set up a flow map for hair? I understand it's nothing more than the red channel of the hair's normal...? The flow map for the digital human is 1K, but it looks to be scaled down to 64x64 and is quite blurry.

I'm still not sure how this even works, even by looking at the material editor. It's set up under 'Tangent'. I'm not seeing any difference when I disconnect the node either.

And finally, I'm confused with the Dye Mask. How are these typically made?

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure I'm missing something.

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