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[Zbrush] Need workflow advice

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zippper4 polycounter lvl 4

Hello, so let say that i've "finished" a character sculpt on Zbrush, i'm happy with it, i've got all of my layers of details, the polycount is pretty high etc. (the all shebang)

I would like to know, from that point, what is recommanded to do to ?

I would like to :

  • - Make UV's out of these meshes (Not in Zbrush though, i would like to export it to 3ds max for example)
  • - After the UV's are made i want to send it to Substance painter to work out the materials, textures etc.
  • - And to finish i want to have a "clean" mesh and lower the polycount while keeping both the textures and the details of the sculpt and put everything together for a Vray render

Can you explain me how i should proceed to do that please ?


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