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[PAID] Visual FX Artist for Digital Masters World

Digital Masters World is a fan-made game project based off of the Digimon series. Within the game you are able to explore the digital world, have epic fights with other digimon, and grow stronger over time.

For some information about our project/gameplay:

Our wiki page: https://wiki.digitalmasters.world/

We are interested in a long-term relationship with a client who is able to deliver visual effects for our game project, our project is based off an older game engine called Gamebryo. Visual effects are required for new digimon that are being added to the game, this would include standard character VFX (Simple effects to make the digimon stand out more in game) as well as combat based VFX, e.g creating skill effects.


3DS Max 2020 - (Familiarity with usage of standard particle systems - such as; PArray, Super Spray, Blizzard, PCloud, not PFlow!)

Gamebryo Tools - These will be provided by us, knowledge of the engine/workflow is not necessary, as this is somewhat outdated software we do not expect you to know this from the start, you will be given some documentation as well as direction by us, as long as you are willing to learn and experiment with the gamebryo engine we will be able to compensate you for this time spent.

VFX Experience - We would need to see some kind of portfolio of previous work to consider your application.

We are looking for an individual who has the willingness to learn and experiment with the Gamebryo workflow, in return we will be willing to compensate you for your learning time and continue to work with you on a long-term basis.

I have attached some small examples of the kind of work we are looking for, for further information/discussion please either leave me a DM here, or preferably drop me an email at: TopShotta@digitalmasters.world

Thank you.

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