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Veteran Artist with 10+ Years of Experience Want to Connect

I've been in the game/art industry for over a decade.

I'm posting here to seek out oppotunities because I wanna some fresh air and look for interesting projects to work with.

I'm a bit sick and tired of today's mobile games which populate in my area and city. I find hard to find something interesting or meaningful to work with so I'm looking for oppotunities online here.

Being able to express self and hold on to something unique to bring your own identity is the reason and the initial drive to work in the industry in the first place, I want to reach out to find anyone/any project allow me to bring a bit of my personal flavor to things, instead copying and redoing what's existing on the market everywhere today.

Skills wise I'm able to work in both 2D and 3D media and I'm capable of learning and adapting to anything, but I value the oppotunity of exploration creatively and hope to connect with indie studios or anyone wants to create something special.

I mainly doing character designs but I'm also capable of doing other stuff, including environment design, 3D modeling and sculpting, also a bit level design (I've been a hobbist mapper since early 2000)

Please send me email or pm me if you are interested. Thank you!



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