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Texture critique for updated textures

Hey guys! I've gotten some really great feedback from you guys and I've done my best to incorporate those suggestions into my textures. I would love to hear your feedback on these updated textures. My goal is a more realistic version of Corvo Attano's folding sword from Dishonored 2.


  • Hallazeall
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    Hallazeall polygon

    Looks way better, great work :)

  • Leinad
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    Leinad polycounter lvl 11

    Hey Caulder, this is looking really nice!

    Some feedback.

    The overall model and texture looks good to me. 

    If I am looking at this as a portfolio piece you'll need to make some small adjustments in the texture for it to stand out to me.

    For example, I'd add a bit of curvature detail into the roughness map of the wood piece to slightly break-up the surface detail reflection.

    It's not obvious from looking at these images, but to me it looks like a lot of the high-frequency detail of the texture work is not fully represented in the roughness map.

    Great work :)!

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