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Submersed [2D/3D Short Film - Independent] Need Previs and Production Roles!

Please apply here if interested!:


Hello everyone, my name is Olivia! I am the producer for Submersed. We are a hybrid (2D characters, matte paintings, with 3D creatures and environments) film. If you don't know about us, we're a 7 minute hybrid short film, aiming for release in May, and going to festivals. The story follows a crew of three, Audre, Jean-Luc, and George, three astrobiologists who venture through the deep seas of an alien planet, who soon realize they're in for more than they anticipated.

For all our progress thus far, please take a look at our presentation below!

We need a couple roles, and some more immediate than others!


-Production Assistant (IMMEDIATE)

-Social Media Coordinator


-Previs Animators, Previs LEAD (IMMEDIATE)

-3D Modelers - Environment (IMMEDIATE)

-2D Animation/3D Animation/Rigging LEADS (IMMEDIATE)

-Image Projectionist, Image Projection LEAD


-2D Character Animators (Rough or Rough + Clean Up)

-3D Creature Animators

-Matte Painting

-Texture Artists

-Creature Rigging

Previs will begin 1/8/2022, however, if you are available sooner than that, we are looking to bring you onboard for some earlier shots. At this time, all those on [Previs] will begin work on previs shots, while we coordinate the other teams. Matte painters and texture artists are expected to come on at this time, to begin painting and working on environment shots.

Here is what expected of every role.

3D Modeling

Currently, we are looking for 3D modelers to help us finish all assets needed for previs. This includes modeling organic environments and terrains, mostly to do with rocks, flora, and volcanoes. This will later be transitioned to more specific models needed for animation, based on matte paintings. Either Blender or Maya can be used, but all must be importable into Maya. We are looking to have everything in before previs starts on the 8th, however, aiming for before Christmas so no one has to work over Christmas or New Years. Please let us know if you're interested in staying after Previs at that time.


We're looking for someone who is experienced in either the 3D pipeline or the 2D. You will work the other half of what the producer is doing.

This includes: -Sitting in the 3D meetings (3D modeling and 3D creature animation) and recording, taking notes, and then creating task lists for the team.

-OR Sitting in the 2D meetings (Matte painting/Texture artists, and 2D character animation(, and recording, taking notes, and then creating task lists for the team.

-Must also come to a weekly Sunday meeting with the whole team - all departments.

-Must be comfortable reaching out to people to join the project

-Must be comfortable doing mid week check ins -Must have experience with Google Drive -Must be able to come to most if not all the meetings you're in charge of taking notes for.

-Must be able to work with the Social media Manager

-Must have experience with gantt charts and scheduling

-Willing to help submit to festivals in May

ALL ANIMATORS must have a website/link to demo reel for us to look at!

Thank you for taking time to read, and I hope to see you on this project!

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