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Lightmaps popping based on camera angle/position

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Dantexagc polycounter lvl 2

Hi everyone, I have started to have an issue that did not exist before. I have a vr scene made in UE5 with just basic functionality. I have one 1 movable directional light and 1 stationary light, the rest are static lights that are baked using the GPU lightmapper. Everything works well on editor but when I make a windows build there a weird glitch that causes the lightmaps to pop. It feels like UE is showing different mip map versions of the lightmaps:

As I said, this does not happen in editor, I have checked UV maps for different models and the lightmap density view and all seems fine. You would not be able to tell this is an issue by testing in VR on the editor, just in the build. I have also been checking performance and it seems fine. Has anybody encountered this issue or knows what could solve it?


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