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Need feedback on a 3D scene I created.


Hey, so this is a scene I'm still working on haven't done some of the texture work but I'd love to get some feedback from anyone who might find anything that may seem off or really doesn't add to the final render. Thanks!


  • chien
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  • Eric Chadwick

    Looking good so far!

    I'd like to see more variation in Roughness on your materials. Everything gets touched by people, which leaves fingerprints and smudges, which changes roughness for reflection and refraction. Micro-scratches too.

    I'd also like to see more variation in lighting colors. Blue backlight would help with such a warm key light. Add some alternative-hue lighting accents, for visual interest.

    Another helpful tip for interiors... vary the whites. Real whites are not all the same brightness, and they have varying warmth/cool tints.

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