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[Full time Remote Position for Canadians Only - Sorry] 3D Animator with Rigging skills

Hi there,

I'm the GFX Team Lead from Dynacor Learning based in Edmonton Alberta. We're looking for a full-time Maya Animator (remote accepted as long as you reside in Canada) who will be responsible for animating people (range of motions and lip-sync), heavy machinery, props, etc.

We'd also prefer to have someone who understands rigging of people and machines. Understanding rigging to create custom rigs for whatever is required e.g., an excavator with hydraulics, etc. For humans, we typically use advanced skeleton 5, but we are always open to refining the workflow as it's a small team.

Animation and Rigging would be the 2 key qualities we're after to support the production team. With that in mind, we would also expect that the individual is willing to support the team in other areas of production when there is little animation work. We develop eLearning courseware that requires a range of treatments such as 2D Illustrations, motion graphics, 3D still renders, etc.

We would prefer someone with work experience in the animation field but are also open to those who are looking for their first animation gig.

For a small sample of work we recently did, you can view a course that was built in Maya and rendered out in UE4 using real-time raytracing. The animation work is nothing amazing, but you can see the visual quality we are aiming for as well as lip-sync for a similar-looking project coming down the pipeline:


If interested, please go to our indeed ad here:

https://ca.indeed.com/cmp/Dynacor-Learn … refilter=1

As well, feel free to email me at cthomas@dynacorlearning.com if you'd like to talk/ require further information. Additionally, I will try to answer any questions within this thread, so feel free to ask away.

Cody Thomas

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