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hi :) . I'm making game environment portfolio. first project's concept is 1950's vintage barbershop. I'll also add another props soon. critique& feedback is welcome.😃


  • jinjo

    I'm making this vintage wood shelf .and now I'm doing modifying works. I think it's albedo texture something weired .. compared to reference. so i' ll modify albedo color. what should i change..... (using substance painter)


  • jinjo

    finally, i changed reference image . i tryed a lot of color variation, i though that reference color and my modeling doesn't match. i'll add some scratch and dirt spots. next time when i make shelf like this, i'll refer actuall textures and shape, and add some normal patterns. i think it's too simple shape. i'll use it in my barbershop scene, not single rendershot.

  • jinjo

    I'm making another props. I wanted to place sofa in may barbershop space, so now I 'm making antiqu style sofa. Until now while making this props, I realized the importance of finding good references. so at this work , I spended a lot of time looking for references.

    reference image

    work in progress (12.14~ 12.21)

    I'll modify sofa's albedo and add more detail . thanks ! and Please suggest things you would like to add my project !😉

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