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Hi, so i have just finished working on this personal project of a spitfire , I would apreciate it if you could have a look at it and told me what could be changed-improved. The pictures and renders can be seen with this link . Thank you.



  • Hash_Code

    I feel that lighting needs some more work. In my opinion its a bit dark right now, big parts of the plane are hardly readable because they are fully in the shadow. Maybe increase the overall exposure, or add an additional light source. those are my 2 cents. overall looks pretty cool

  • andreygheorghe
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    First of all,I don't know your polycount target,but after seeing the wireframes it seems like your model is very inconsistent.It has some very high polycount on some areas like the windshield and too little on the wings,I've attached you a quick paintover (sorry for shitty quality,I can't find my stylus 😋 ).This problem is even bigger on the interior,where the gauges are full round circles,without edges,and the rest of cockpit is very low poly.Of course,I assumed they are actual geometry.You can lower the polycount on those area and distribute it better along the model so it looks better.

    The second issue I see is with the texture,it looks like you can increase the texture resolution,it looks a little too low.If you have a target resolution(ie 2048*2048) maybe you can increase the resolution by mirroring some of the elements so it looks more like current gen games not a ps 3 game model 😋 .Also,while we're on texture,it looks too generic to me,like the rust,the dust,etc it's all over.Try to consider where it's more likely to accumulate this wear and don't just place it on the model so it has some roughness variation.

    Bafta si spor! 😊

  • Ovidiu_Bogdan

    Thank you for the feedback , it's much appreciated

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