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[WIP] - UE5 Cyberpunk Old Quebec

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Hello Polycount!

I'm currently working on a UE5 environment set in Old Quebec, with a Cyberpunk twist.

There are still many things in the blockout and wip phase, but I think I'm far enough to get a first round of feedback.

Here's where I'm at so far:

And some of my references for more context:

The final piece will take place during winter, at night.

My main goal with this project is mostly to learn UE5 and how to work with Nanite and Lumen.

I'm also trying to integrate AI tools into my workflow, mostly for generating ideas and some quick textures (examples below).

More importantly, I really want to finish this piece, since I've had trouble doing that with previous personal projects.

As for the environment itself, I really want to push storytelling with this one.

I'm aiming for a retro-futuristic look with cyberpunk elements, while still keeping most of the architectural style that makes this part of Quebec interesting.

This was one of the first asset I made for the project. The textures are only a first pass, and I plan to update them later on:

I started this prop by quickly generating some Ideas with DALL.E 2 and looking at some other references:

I ended up sticking with this variation for the base shape:

As you can see, I only kept certain elements of the image (mostly the top and the base). I originally wanted to make a coffee vending machine, so I modified a lot of things to fit with this idea.

In the end, generating a bunch of images with AI helped me figuring out a base shape to expand on, and I plan to use this technique on other props.

I also used DALL.E as a reference base for some textures:

and to generate some quick placeholder cubemaps for the fake interior shader I'm working on:

I really want to push the quality of this environment as much as I can, so any kind of feedback is welcome!

Thanks for reading!

I'll post some more updates here once I have more to show.


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    CedricArsenault polycounter lvl 4

    Hello Again!

    Small update since last time:

    I decided to add an awning on top of the Poutine shop and started developing a shader, using tileables and masks, that I'll use on most painted metals.

    I also did a first pass on the neon lights for the windows and front awning (I'm still figuring out the design of the text and fries neon sign on top)

    I made this window variation re-using a wood trim sheet I used on some modular assets and an altered window frame texture for the middle.

    Eventually I'll make some more variations, but I'll concentrate on finalizing a first pass on the Poutine shop for now, since it's the main focus of the environment.

    Thanks for reading!

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