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Looking for a character modelling/clothing software to supplement my concept art

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Hello polycounters! As the title states, I'm looking to purchase some type of software that is primarily for adding characters to scenes; I've spent years mostly using free assets or mixamo poses and painting them over(or just getting friends to take pictures of me posing), but I want to get more involved with my designs and rigs so that I can populate scenes in a more believable manner. I know there are quite a few programs out there but I wanted to ask around and see if someone has some input or personal experience on the matter.

To reiterate, I'm looking for a software(or pairing of softwares) that will allow me to:

-Create or use existing character models

-Create clothing to drape over them

-Rig the models with clothing attached

I'm not too concerned with the price range however if I were to spend 500$+, I would hope to have a complete package that I can use for many years to come. Also just to be precise, I am not looking to create million plus polycount models; mid to low poly will do as I'm a concept artist primarily.

Thanks in advance!


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