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WIP smith and wesson revolver 357 magnum

polycounter lvl 7
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Cenobyte polycounter lvl 7

Following this Tutorial


But for learning sake doing it entirely in 3ds Max. Initially i was doing it in Zbrush but decided to do it in entirely in 3ds Max. Here i won't be commenting on anything related to tutorial mentioned above . Cheers.

Initial Cylinder done in Zbrush , Will redo this in Max . Will post update later regarding that.

So did a blockout for Picatinny rail for top . Will do HP for this

Here Trying out HP for Picatinny rail , just experimenting on 1 Section of it , instead of doing it on all of it .

Faced issue on this selected part , i was getting inconsistent bevel on this part in High Poly, Even if support loops were there . It always looks sharp and bit off in HP

I prevent this i did bit of chamfer onto those edges , This gives better result , though it is being incorrect here (imo ).

Will update more progress , each day . Making a thread here to learn and be consistent on this .


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