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How can I make a low-poly from a complex subd mesh ?

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Raphael_Bouch polycounter lvl 2

Hi guys, I would like some tips to turn a high poly using subd to an usable lowpoly for games. I know the process is as simple as "delete support loops" but for some complex models, I had to apply subd 1-2 times to model in finer details.

There are quite a lot of poles as you can see, which makes it only more difficult. What would you do ?

Thanks in advance for your help, it has been bogging me for days now.


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G insane polycounter

    Maybe un-subdivding (in decimate modifier iirc) will get you to an ok starting point? Probably faster to retopo some more complex parts and stitch it together. Use shrink-wrap modifier to project to highpoly.

    On a side note: If the asset is for in game and fairly large, you might want to look into using sufficient geo for nice shading, combined with tiling materials, decals and unique parts (look into starcitizen workflow). Else it will take high texture resolutions to achieve good texel density.

  • Klunk
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    Klunk ngon master

    it has been bogging me for days now.

    don't mean to sound funny but you should be able to bang out a low poly model by hand, which is probably the best (easiest and best results) way of doing it, in a couple of days especially something symmetrical like an aeroplane.

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