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Making popular videos in order to attract jobs?

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Lukes3D triangle

I'm looking for more ways to get attention of potential clients/employers. I was wondering if making popular video's on youtube is a way to do it.

Some of those backrooms themed videos get millions of views, and are relatively easy to make. Or maybe a short animated video on a popular franchise like Star wars, Warhammer, Pokémon, etc.

I made a spaceship battle animation awhile ago, that got about 1.5 mil views. I never really received job offers from it. Just emails from music composers and people asking for permission to use it in their own video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rlh9bfPTBNs

I am looking for ways to have jobs come to me instead of always having to be on the pursuit. Have you made a viral video? What has your experience been?


  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky

    Having a wealth of industry contacts that you've established a professional relationship based on trust and mutual respect with over a number of years is a great way to randomly receive attractive job offers - otherwise I assume you're joking.

  • Neox
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    Neox high dynamic range

    Okay first of all you should make it easy to find your portfolio. If thats your goal, it should be on your videos. Or make sure people see they can hire you.

    I found your artstation and am really confused about your priorities, i mean why are some really old works placed first, followed by some seemingly newer works, i do like when i can see the progress, so i dont mind people using their portfolios showing old things. But your newest and best works should be in front.

    Second i am not sure you are on the right forum? Your demoreel is all Vfx based from some nice looking stuff, to super (old?) amateur looking stuff. But never so good that I'd be blown away and that is from a VFX angle.

    From a games angle I am really not even sure what I am looking at.

    What is it you want to do?

    I feel like you're doing too much, too many disciplines. This could work in indie games, in AAA they are looking for specialists more than jacks of all trades.

    About the YouTube amount of views. A few views in the right bubbles would be worth more for getting jobs. Your target audience then is certainly not the millions and millions of "ordinary people" watching stuff on YouTube. It's impressive that 1.5 mio people watched your video, really!

    But those people are likely not people in hiring positions.

  • Lukes3D
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    Lukes3D triangle

    I have two portfolios on Artstation, one is more refined. https://www.artstation.com/luke1741

    good idea to post contact info in the video/description.

    Your right that most viewers are not going to be employers. I think you just have to get soo many views that employers are bound to come across you.

    Here is a viral warhammer video. The artist is bound to be getting some job offers.


    I think it helps to no only have a viral video, but one with high quality animation.

    I did get one job from my spaceship battle video a little indirectly. They found me on Upworks, and happened to watch my video before, so they reached out.

  • Neox
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    Neox high dynamic range

    yeah could be, but chances are slim i would guess. i dunno. from my perspective, an image trending on artstation with a few thousand views could rake in more job offers than a trending youtube video - but my take on this might be very much just anecdotal. but i am no vfx artist, i am no jack of all trades, i dunno how this field gets plowed.

    i personally never had to go out get jobs, they LUCKILY always came to me and now us and are just getting bigger all the time.

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