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Pro Game Studio Animation Workflow for Asset Interaction?

Hello all, I'm new to posting to this Forum but I've been reading articles here for years. I am creating a game and am doing all of my modeling and animation in blender 3.x. Before i get too deep into animating my objects, i want to decide on a good workflow / file management for everything to provide scalabilty for the project. Because of engine limitations, all weapons and vehicles the chracters interact with will need separate animation clips. and thing like reloading will have to be syncronized animation clips (a clip that keyframs the weapon and a clip that keyframes the chracter). Then in the game engine i will need to play the synced clips at the same exact time. I want to figure out how to employ blender's linking system to allow for objects to be brought into the character project and animated but im sponning my wheels figuring out a good way to keep everything separate. the goal would be to have a project file for each object / chracter in the game and they each have all of their animation data including clips for interactions. but linking in blender does not allow the animation data to be written back to the original file.

Anyway, im wondering, how to pro game studios handle all this? making syncronized animations for many many weapons and keep them in separate files?

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