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Celes - Final Fantasy VI - UE5(fan remake)

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Celes - Final Fantasy VI - UE5 (fan remake): https://www.artstation.com/artwork/g8blV8

I'm a 3D Character artist working on various game titles in Japan. I just finished a massive project remaking Celes from Final Fantasy VI in Unreal Engine 5.

I was inspired by the work done on Final Fantasy VII Remake, and used those characters as a style guide for how to modernize Celes while keeping her recognizeable.

For those familiar with the older FF games the concept art was extremely loose compared to what we are used to these days. It was a great challenge taking in all the different looks of Celes, and trying to distill a modern look. that still feels like her. This was unquestionably the most difficult part of this project. But after a lot of hard work I'm happy with where I've finally brought with this character.

Software used:

Zbrush, Maya, Xgen, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine 5.


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    It looks great,I really like the details and the render,it looks fantastic.Can you share some wireframes too?

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    brandengonzalez polycounter lvl 2

    Thank you! Sure no problem! The overall mesh was about 175k. I was aiming for more or less AAA polygon budgets. The body used a base mesh topology that I zwrapped to my high res, and I used the lowest subdivision for most of the body, and subdivided just the head(merging vertices on the border to avoid ngons). For the costume I did hand retopo for most pieces, and some carefully created/hand modified zremeshed pieces for complicated parts. I devoted a lot of topology to keep as much of the jewlery/accessories 3D as possible It was a big challenge for the belt, but with careful creation of some low-res IMM's w/ UVs already applied. I was able to create the final belt topology pretty easily.


    I also made a small charm based on the summon Siren from FF6. It's a really tiny easter egg that no one could ever see normally, but it was fun to make. Though for the topology I committed the ultimate sin of decimation to get the polycount down lol. But for a non-deforming piece I thought it should be okay.

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