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Maya to UE5 (Control Rig questions)

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So, I am at a bit of a loss here and was hoping somebody here can help me.

PROBLEM: When I am creating a control rig in UE5 (new feature) I am unable to get the IK bone chain to work properly. No matter how many values I mess with in the Primary and Secondary bone options, I can not get the bones to line up.

I have been able to get the issue to "kinda" fix itself by setting the values to x0 y0 z-1, but the bones are still twisted. Every tutorial I have watched does not describe the process in relation to a Maya asset... and this might be a problem with how I rigged my Maya stuff. I just don't know...so I will explain and show that.

BACKGROUND: UE5/UE4 uses X forward and Z up, so I switched my Maya to have Z up and I always make my models using the X as the forward axis.

As far as I can tell, there is no options for Primary / Secondary upon export. You can change this via the "Orient bone" option, but I don't see how that will fix this at this point.

I would really love to use the UE5 control rig so I can create some dynamic stuff, but right now it just is not possible with my current issue. The rig and animations work perfectly fine in Maya. Exported animations from Maya into UE5 work with no issues. So, did I just set something up wrong? Any help or ideas would be really helpful since I have pulled my hair out with this for hours and gotten nowhere.

NOTE: I have messed with the values in the UE5 editor and I can get it close... but the bones just don't ever actually line up to the proper weights and when you move the IK around it eventually warps to something it should not.

REFERENCE: https://youtu.be/C_vrn1n1Uq8?t=1781 (THIS IS NOT ME, IT IS THE TUTORIAL I WAS FOLLOWING). This video shows you the issue, but his fix does not work since I did not use blender to make my model and when I tried his values I do not get anything close to what it should look like.

I can make a quick video if that will help.

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