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Imported diffuse maps look brighter in Marmoset

I'm creating a model that features many different texture sets and I have a problem with this particular set. Whenever I import it into Marmoset, the diffuse map looks way brighter than it actually is. All my channels are set correctly and the PNG looks completely fine, so what gives? I made a metal material on one texture set and have been applying it to the other models by creating a duplicate of the file, then importing the new .OBJ files that I actually want textured so I can keep all my layers. This has been working fine until this.

There's also the error code on exporting from Substance Painter:

[MapExporter] The input map 'Opacity' needed by the map 'Optic for texturing_Base_Diffuse' of the texture set 'Base' isn't available because: 'Opacity' channel is missing in your texture set.

Can anyone help me?



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