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[WIP] Fairy floss machine

Hello people,

Finally decided to launch myself on this forum after I saw an artist talking about it on discord, and thought it could motivate me a bit more on my personal projects to post my progress here and having feedbacks ! So, here's the project I'm on, a fairy floss machine (concept by Kavitha Radha Udayakumar). I'm not that far, I have some more optimization to do (I'm always trying to do a game ready asset), but every feedback is welcomed, if any of you have one.

The high poly (there's a glassfor the mechanism above, I just didn't show it x) ):

And the low-poly. I'm at 47,080 polys for now, I can reduce it a bit more still, I think. I just have a problem with seeing the geometry edges, I always think they'll be visible, even from afar, so I tend to keep a bit too much geo, but I'm fighting it x) But I'll have to keep a bit as I think I'll do some more or less close-ups of the different engines :

Here's where I am, we'll see when will be my next update x)

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