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vavavoom polycounter lvl 10

This was my attempt at a rework of an old sculpt into cell shading.

I decided it might be good to take a break from previous work to come back later with fresh eyes and motivation, so I had a play with this.

I wasn't really sure how to go about presenting it, but thought this was quite nice to look at.

I'm working really hard thesedays in my spare time to try and improve my art presentation with the goal of trimming down my portfolio to showcase the best of my works.

I keep holding off applying for jobs because I'm never confident i'm at a good enough level...



  • iam717
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    iam717 triangle

    i remember seeing this, just apply to them, they hardly respond anyway :) you got a lot of works on the portfolio i do not see why you do not. Narrow it down or make a new portfolio for just your precious applications for positions and have this one as an art-blog type where you try to Gage the audiences response.

    All the best.

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