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I created the landscape in Gaea and used my Auto Landscape Material to paint it.

It's still in progress as I'm still tweaking things here and there but it's almost finished.

I would really appreciate some feedback and see what you guys think I should focus more on.

Also feel free to ask any questions about my process.


  • iam717
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    iam717 keyframe

    Nice any collage of references you are using? what is the look you want or mood to set here? for me as an outsider looking into this window, it seems gloomy & cold.

  • Petros_

    @iam717 I'm using several landscape pictures from Pinterest as refererences through PureRef. Tbh my main goal began with creating a fully functional Auto Landscape Material just so I can reuse it everytime I want to create something similar. Then I created my landscape in Gaea and felt like creating a cold and foggy environment. That's pretty much it. When I look back at it, I think it looks beautiful but I'm not completely satisfied. The material works too good at least.

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