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Looking for a 3D model render wizard!

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Hey all! Benny from Arcane Minis here =)

We are looking for someone do develop and design a new 3D render for our entire online store / profile. You can see our current designs here

We really like our red and blue look, but it's time for a bit of a change. We would like something that still stands out and gives us a good identity, but we would like the renders to be a little more realistic looking =)

In any case, please post your quote to do the following jobs

  1. Devise a new render for us
  2. Change all of our current miniatures and renders to the new style (this may be done internally by our team depending on our work load)

Please provide examples of renders done in the past OR how you would render our models. Please see the file attached for examples of our STLs. Feel free to use those as render subjects

PLEASE NOTE: These files are IP property of Arcane Minis. You are not permitted to share, sell or distribute the files. They are purely meant for purposes of this job and the application of working with us. Thank you


Looking forward to hearing from you!



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