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[4.27] Single Layer Water Material and Static Light not working together?

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I have this scene I'm working on in Unreal Engine, and for some reason, the water material in the scene is not taking any static light. Base color is black, when it should be white, and there doesn't appear to be any reflections at all either.

The scene is surrounded by a black mesh that blocks any skylight coming in. I haven't done anything to the collision of it yet, but should that even matter for the lighting? On the inside, the scene is illuminated by several static lights with long source length and large attenuation radius, so that I have enough control to illuminate the scene evenly. It might not be the best solution, and I welcome any suggestions to do this in another way, because while I want even lighting, it might be a bit flat at the same time.

Here are a few screenshots, one lit, one unlit, and one where I threw in a stationary light, which works, but I could not use these to illuminate the scene due to the high attenuation radius:

Here's a screnshot that shows the current light setup. Again, no idea if this is the correct approach, so let me know if this is a bad solution to lighting the scene evenly (without any of that weird auto exposure):

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