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Rocks study

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YairMorr polygon

Hi everyone, I'm Yair, a 3D artist, and that's my first post here!

Using 4 different low poly rocks, I wanted to see how many compositions I can make of them.

The rocks were created using ZBrush, Maya and Substance Painter. The scene was set up and rendered in Unreal 5.

What really helps blending together the rocks is the use of virtual textures. I used this Stylized Station tutorial for reference for almost everything here :)

Enjoy! I'm looking forward to comments, if you have any!

Here are a few samples:


  • Lucas Annunziata
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    Lucas Annunziata polycounter lvl 12

    Some of these compositions are defnitiely working better than others, and I think you are finding the limits of these assets. One thing that could help as you change the scale so drastically is to have an detail texture of some sort where the tiling is either done in world space or through object scale, to keep a level of cohesiveness between the assets.

    Not sure what is going on in these spots but looks like some normal issues?

    This crack is getting a little unnaturally soft here and feels like a strange shape transition

    This spots are really giving away how much you are scaling

    Overall this is a really good exercise to go through.

  • YairMorr
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    YairMorr polygon

    @Lucas Annunziata thank you so much for your comments and taking the time to spot all these issues! :)

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