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(Critiques Welcome) City Street Thumbnails

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KidoUmi node

These are the thumbnail sketches for a concept art street scene that I'm making. There will be two of them, both based on street's from another world. Most of these thumbnails are 2-point perspective, though some are 3-point. They all have a large library building, surrounded by other smaller buildings and roads blocked off with walls in order to prevent them becoming infinite. The library has climbing plants on them too. There may be people milling about in the final thing, with the streets illuminated using lampposts. Any constructive feedback is welcome. I am gearing towards the top right and top middle, due to the layout. The top middle is a little more complex as it is 3-point perspective, but would show half the building, with the ground a little distance away. The top right is by far more simpler, so maybe it's a better option. I welcome all feedback on these sketches :)

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