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Community Incentive: Earn $STYLE Token while testing the Protocols’ Alpha Version ⚡️


Introduction to how the protocol works and how the ecosystem functions:

(Owners) Users can stake NFTs (ERC-721) or 3D files and submit it to be tallied as a 3D job for tailors to render into 3D wearables, skins, or avatars for 10+ metaverses or games.

Our current partners for environments, or metaverses, are DecentralandSandboxUltiverseAdalandCosmic FactionsGamestateSomnium SpaceFabweltFantaverseMetaArrowwith more metaverses to be announced soon!

(Owners) Users can mint 3D assets as an NFT and Stake it to STYLE Protocol to be tallied as 3D job for tailors for different environments.

(Tailorscan evaluate jobs based on requirements and take the job and tallied 3D file based on the metaverse required and submit 3D file to be approved by the STYLE DAO.

The last step of the process is for the admin (which is us) to approve or reject 3D files.

In the future, however, the DAO or a respective member voted by the DAO who is educated in 3D Files, 3D Modeling and Metaverses will be able to approve the decision.

Approved files will be fetched on the marketplace and SDK to be sold on specific payment tokens.


  1. To fully use the alpha version of our protocol, you need “Goerli ETH” on the so-called Goerli testnetwork of Ethereum to pay the transactions with “test currencies”.
  2. Please use the following faucet to get Goerli ETH: https://faucets.chain.link/
  3. If you don’t have NFTs in your wallet, you can mine and use NFTs here on the OpenSea Testet: https://testnets.opensea.io/asset/create
  4. Once you have done both, you can start testing the protocol at the following link:


By finding bugs and mistakes within the protocol and this system, one can earn $STYLE Token.

Points to note:

  • By noticing deficiencies or improvements that we ourselves can make to the protocol you will be rewarded with $STYLE.
  • This is a way to give more back to the community and to continuously improve to make the process as streamlined as possible for you, our community.
  • If an improvement will be implemented and was mentioned by them, it would be another 250 $STYLE tokens.

If you find a bug:

  • If you find a bug or a problem while testing the alpha version of our protocol, please take a screenshot of it and join our Discord here:
  • DISCORDhttps://discord.gg/styleprotocol
  • Create a ticket in the channel #support-ticket and send your screenshot with the explanation of WHEN and WHERE the bug happened to earn 100 $STYLE tokens.
  • To be able to send you the $STYLE tokens, please also send us your ERC-20 wallet address in the ticket.

Why are we doing this?

  • We are doing this as a way to continuously improve ourselves, our ecosystem and our relationship with our community.
  • This is a way to highlight the decentralized transition into Web3 that we are making.
  • This is a feature that companies in Web3 are more likely to implement than in Web2, as there is much more of a focus on the community.
  • Become part of our ecosystem, earn money, bridge your assets and become part of a community that thrives and is evolving day-to-day.
  • To facilitate the monetization and utility of NFTs.


We are turning 2D images into interoperable, personalisable 3D renders that can teleport from environment to environment, bringing your personality and your authenticity with you.

Whilst holding their traits from their previous world.

Our ecosystem is here to help artists and the community make that transition from Web2 to Web3.

Let your imagination take control, make that leap into Web3 and further enhance your self-expression through STYLE Protocol.

Additionally, are you someone who owns an NFT and wants it bridged into multiple environments?

Join our discord and check out the owner channel to see how you can upload your designs or collection to the metaverse.

Through being a part of STYLE Protocol, you join our ecosystem of Owners, Tailors, and Environments.

If you want your NFTs turned into 3D assets, head to https://bridge.protocol.style and connect directly with the MVP to start the automated process of asset creation.

WHITEPAPER: http://whitepaper.protocol.style/






  • Style_Protocol


    STYLE Protocol is a decentralized metaverse exchange and a platform for enabling imagination, creativity and utility with digital and physical assets.

    The protocol brings additional monetization and usability to any NFT whilst making them fully interoperable through any environment, game, or metaverse. The protocol is powered by the native $STYLE token.

    The protocol facilitates cross metaverse utility and the transporting of virtual assets across metaverses, games and digital worlds to enable self-expression and digital freedom.

    Additionally, the word “tailor” is another way to describe a 3D designer who would be the one bridging the assets into the different environments.

    3D artists, experts and 3D generalists are what we call “Tailors” in the STYLE Protocol ecosystem. 🌻

    As a tailor you get access to thousands of exclusive virtual assets in prepared 3D dummy file format or as 2D inspiration. In exchange for USDC ($) and $STYLE Token, once the 3D modelling is complete; you can freely choose projects to work on and create 3D files for multiple games and metaverses according to the virtual worlds guidelines.

    Think skins, wearables, avatars, pets, characters, weapons, or accessories. Your virtual prestige and assets can be transported across different digital worlds.

    Our current partners for environments are DecentralandSandboxAdalandCosmic FactionsGamestateSomnium SpaceFabweltFantaverseMetaArrowwith more metaverses to be announced soon!

    Every thursday at 20:00 CET we host Tailor Talks on Discord where 3D artists and NFT Projects come together in one space to share ideas, projects and the prospect of a potential collaboration.

    There are royalties for the entire lifecycle of the NFT or digital asset in the metaverse and the tailors are rewarded for the competed project as well!

    Here are some examples of previous tailor projects:

    CloneX - 6773:

    Money Shark:

    Mobix Scooters:

    Imposter Genesis Aliens:

    And many more !

    How to participate?

    Join the STYLE Protocol Discord server, and “Choose Your Role” as a “Tailor”.

    Fill out the onboarding application with all the necessary information to be approved on the Protocol.

    Then you will be rewarded in $STYLE or USDC if you finish one of the open projects in our discord! Soon Style Protocol will shift all the project to it's platform, currently in Alpha version, Click here to get more information about the platform!


    Access to the STYLE Protocol’s community to meet fellow 3D enthusiasts from around the globe to chat and share creativity with Fixed monetary rewards in $STYLE Token and USDC ($) for every project you complete.

    Additional royalty rewards on sales of your 3D creations in multiple metaverses.

    Freedom to choose the projects and the environments you like to work with.

    The ecosystem comprises Owners (NFT-Collections creators, brands, designers, or NFT owners), Tailors (individual 3D designers) and Environments (primarily metaverses and games that decide to be a part of the ecosystem) and fuels participation through an embedded utility token called: $STYLE.

    $STYLE is a community-driven, tokenized ecosystem that is aiming to build the bridge and the foundation to enter any metaverse with any asset, down the line.

    Utility, interoperability, imagination, community, self-expression, and transparency are some of the values that are embedded in the STYLE Protocol.

    If you want your NFTs turned into 3D assets, head to bridge.protocol.style and connect directly with the MVP to start the automated process of asset creation.

    If you are a 3D designer and are interested in earning for bridging work into 3D? Then follow the steps above and join our discord.

    To read our whitepaper that was released last week follow this link:


    WEBSITE: http://www.protocol.style/

    TEAM: https://www.protocol.style/team

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ProtocolStyle

    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/styleprotocol

    MEDIUM: https://medium.com/style-protocol

    LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/style-protocol

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    woohoo, cant wait to contribute to pyramid schemes that pray on unregulated spaces to sap hard earned money from gullible people ! i love how all these tokens\whatever always have _protocol or something when the ones banking are the founders\family on their "fair launches". Regulation cant come soon enough.

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