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[FILLED] Looking for skilled 2D cartoon character illustrator / concept artist

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Hi, I’m working on a classic 2,5D (2D backgrounds & 3D characters) point’n’click adventure. And I need 91 2D cartoon character illustrations (western style, no anime) based on the 18 3D human characters used in the game.

So I give you a screenshot of the 3D character – and you create 4 cartoonish illustrations based on that character with the character posing (I will give examples for the poses). For the games main character shown below I need 23 2d illustrations.

Here an example for one of the 3D characters (the main guy) – and the poses I would like to see for it. The example poses are really just to get an idea of the desired body posture – NOT the cartoon style.

I need these illustrations for promotional purposes (e.g. Facebook, Website, Kickstarter, Steam product page and so on). Each 2d pose needs to be done with a transparent background, and with a minimum size of 512x512 pixel. 1024x1024 preferred. Layered Photoshop PSD format preferred. So I can arrange/compose the 2D characters freely with other graphics or onto other backgrounds later.

Regarding the quality level I’m not looking for a super detailed illustration. Here some examples for the quality level I would like to see. So its not super detailed – but it is also not super simple. A detailed, clean, decently shaded, vector-like style.

And I will be honest. The project I’m working on sadly is a nearly “no budget” project. ;) I can’t afford letting you work an entire day on a single pose. However, I’m willing to pay a fair price for this job. Please send your quotes for the entire job and references of the work you already did via private message – or directly to [email protected]. Payment via PayPal or Revolut. Invoice is needed.

Please do NOT simply send a link to your portfolio or your hourly rates. I really need a full quote for the entire job.

There exists no deadline – but a result within 4 weeks from project start would be great.


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