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David Cruz's Hackey Diamond, enjoy...

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iam717 greentooth

Works in marmoset 3080, i used the trial to make the files to share with all you, thanks marmoset this is my thank you to all of p.c.

Need help let me know...

If you update it to work better or in 4 let me know ...

Probably need the link right lol, opps.


and to beat the concern to the punch you can do what you want MARMOSET as it is your codes being used i just figured out how to mesh them together.

Edit more info:

Sky Light 3 - single Copy Copy

^alone is what you want if you want just bursts didn't get around to all the editing i wanted to do, i also wanted color light burst and reflections on surfaces but... 1 person, can't beat a team of people doing it, everyday.

If you want the purple to disappear you increase the sky, by about 8 if your light source is 7.077

This is how far i got with 4

this is the one side i was speaking about somewhere, those lights on the left of the "gem" i want in a circle then all around, which is how i saw someone's videos a few years ago talking about this is a rt diamond but i think they might've been fibbing, but from my findings this seemed to be possible if you knew how to do it, i.e. code/script/"genius". afaik we can't edit the "scripts" for lights, so afaik i couldn't attempt all that myself, in either version of marmoset or i would've attempted it, i did try to increase lights recently, the 40 gap for me was tough to get around for some other design, but i get it might be a stabilization thing for the application.

more info: i had zero help and i made the diamond using mentioned guys version on sketchfab as a reference, didn't do the dl from sketch h4k.

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