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Artstation.com funny business practices.

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iam717 polygon

so i was being quick and posting, kools, cool, neat, then thumbs up's and some strange blocking happened here are scrnshots.

Any reasonings behind this, i am just curious, and how long will it last i was participating in the community but it seems the "owners", or mods have issues with my interactions with the community, how strange, anyone know?

comments disabled all of a sudden on every posters postings, i tried a lot after, do not want to spam them all... ^that just happens before i attempt to post then the red blank msg comes up so it seems deliberately done by some shadow modding.

I just made the profile and am already dealing with this, interesting & welcoming, hour later still happening so, 10/10 - i'd be cautious about the changing of hands on sites or even any site at this point, so far p.c. has been going strongest legit site yet, congrats on that. Or just proving my discovery even more :) hmm, it is questionable. (time to come in with some mockery that i am delusional, yeah, yeah, yeah, i am sure and i wrote the scriptures also right? lol)


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky

    Yeah, posting on 500 artworks per day could be a strategy that some people use to gain more followers. Might be ArtStation trying to prevent people from using this strategy.

  • iam717
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    iam717 polygon


    Thanks for the help makes sense..


    Hhmm interesting yeah, problematic, *** i guess it will be a few days *** cause its still going on i gave it all day but yea the idea was sort of that but i did like the work and wanted to show support i think, another situation that is gigantic to the current climate is going on but i am okay with these responses i'll just have to wait it out i guess, thanks for the positive responses, felt this would've been taken differently it is a welcoming and relieved feedback. Even if i can't do anything on artstation, lol, strange, i guess they think i wanted two profiles... which is not the case gmail is acting up or i'd post on the old profile and not even probably be dealing with this, i figured someone alive would have reviewed the 1st post (which they still probably did) but would've seen that i wanted assistance to rectify the "clutter", i want the old profile back but it seems, even posting a piece across two doesn't prove who i am i suppose...i thought it would. Guess i expected to much.

    In the mean time i'd look into what all my hubbub is about might be important i mean if it was not a spam/bot thing but more of a trying to save people thing i guess it would be a reason for said companies to band together to prevent it from happening, which was more the point, i do not need to hide if what i discovered is true, who knows though right, which was more the point for others to tell me cause i'd like outside support in getting to the bottom of it.

    I thought it was "my own blockers", but it is not cause i just tried with them off and it still doesn't work 12+ hours later.

  • iam717
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    iam717 polygon

    Thanks pior, i missed p.c. i tried to leave but once green always green.

    Oh yea its fixed btw, it was a spambot script from what i can tell a day ban.

    I gave away the m3 diamond go learn it i guess.

    Edit came back:watevridcanymore

    This is amazing if it is just me, i come up as artstation staff when i do a search, does anyone else? lol that is amazing!

    whats going on, Willis!

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