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[Blender] How Do I snap to grid by component? [SOLVED]

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daniellooartist polycounter lvl 11

I'm trying to get my edge to line up with the green line. All I can do is eyeball it. The solution provided to me by the internet was to set snapping by increments, which is not what I am looking for. Snapping by increments increases or decreases location FROM IT'S ORIGINAL POINT. I do not want that. I want to line everything up flushed to the grid without eyeballing it. In maya, I would just need to hold down the G key while translating the object by it's x,y or z component. I know it's not hard to do in blender (or at least I hope not). I just need to know the magic buttons. So thanks in advanced for the short explanation.


In the snap menu where you chose increment, you also have to check the button "Absolute Grid Snapping."

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