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[Unreal] Spot light not working [SOLVED]

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daniellooartist polycounter lvl 11

For some reason my spotlight is not rendering. It's JUST the spotlight. It occurs in both lit and pathtracing mode. It does not turn on even when I delete the raytrace post process volume I have set up. All the other types of light actors work just fine. Since this is a new scene, I can't help but think it's a common problem that has been addressed thousands of times and I just suck at searching things. I know the solution is simple and probably takes 3 seconds to fix. So what do?


It turns out the intensity was too low. I had to kick it up to 40,000cd in order to get it to show up very dim. The other light actor types can display just fine at 8cd. What is wrong with point lights and why are they different?

Ok, I figured it out. The cone length just had to be very very long. Case closed!

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