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3D & 2D Freelance Opportunity (New Roles)


MLC is a game outsourcing agency that finds clients and deals with administrative work for freelancers. Check out our website here: https://magnaludumcreatives.com/join-mlc/ 

We are actively looking for freelancers around the world with the following skills: 

- 3D Grooming

- VFX Artist (Unreal or Unity) 

- Technical Artist (Unreal or Unity)

- 3D Animation

- 2D Game Environment Art (Only if you live in Canada, USA or South America for this one)

- 2D Spline Animation (Only for Canada, USA or South America)

The cherry on top is that MLC makes sure you stick to your usual hourly rate, remain freelance and keep your creative processes. We always strive to put our artist first and believe in the power of a supportive community! 

If all this sounds interesting, please fill in this application form: https://notionforms.io/forms/talent-hiring-1

PS: You will get no response from us if you apply for a skill that is not outlined here. 

Thanks and hopefully speak soon! 

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