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Seeking Character & Prop Artist for Robot Battle TCG Team

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Hello all,

My name is Johnny. I am the lead designer and creator of the trading card game IRON TITAN, a robot battle TCG inspired by Pokemon, Medabots, and Yugioih. Once finished with final development and play testing throughout multiple international TCG communities, we will be pitching the final design to game publishers we have close business relationships with. First and foremost being Cryptozoic Entertainment (Ghostbusters, DC Comics, Lord of the Rings, etc.) followed by Hasbro, Konami, and Bandai North America.

We are seeking 1 or 2 well-rounded artists to assist us with the character designs, card art (TCG card template done), and give input on the games mechanics when able. All work will be properly credited, along with post-payment & publishing points awarded to those chosen to join our team.

We're really excited to push the TCG into the market as a future competitor along with potential for an animated TV series, and we WILL BE RELEASING IRON TITAN COMIC SERIES IN 2023.

Thank you everyone. Looking forward to checking out your work and speaking.


PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected] with resume and portfolio or a link to both. Thank you

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