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Artist Looking for work: 3D Environment, Props, Doodads

Hello, my name is Niko I am an experienced 3D artist proficient in creation of 3D stylized hand painted environment assets as well low poly environment asset pieces (props, objects etc.) I am also familiar with PBR pipeline

Possessing more than four years as 3D game artist, I have been working on some titles such as retro FPS game Hyper Violent from team TA, Elements- RPG game and most recently working on MOBA game (ogami conquest~game is still in early alpha stage).

I am confident that, if given the opportunity, I would become a valuable addition to your team.


-High poly





-Adobe PS


-3D coat

-Substance Painter

-Substance Designer


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on my career history I can be reached through my email: destram21@yahoo.com

or simply contacting me here through polycount that is fine too.

I'm looking for remote postions either per project, contract, full time.

Best regards,


Bellow you can find some of the examples of the work I have done. Sadly there is a lot more from my portfolio which I cannot share due to NDA's which are still active for several years.

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