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[WIP][UE5] Stylized Study Suite

polycounter lvl 2
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SomeAB polycounter lvl 2

Been working on bunch of scenes for updating my portfolio seriously. This is one I started last night, based on a awesome concept from FION LIM

Here is my current scene in Blender after 1 sitting:

I really like the Architectural Sketch look .. so I will keep the textures the same.


  • SomeAB
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    SomeAB polycounter lvl 2

    Slight improvement over the previous. But I pretty much have the minimum required proxy meshes, to establish the layout. Now I can start making the higher quality final assets, and start setting up the lighting in Unreal. Notice how the beam above the staircase adds 'interest' and 'feeling of realism' to the overall scene.

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