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Portfolio review please!

Hi everyone! I found myself lost in my career path with a messy portfolio..Urgently need your kindly advise!!

Here's the link of it:

I currently looking for a full-time job and got an Game UI designer interview & a take home test recently, went great but they chose another candidate with better fit in their project. (a bit frustrated after spending 2 weeks but I've moved on!)

My ultimate goal is to be a VR Game designer so I took a few online courses of Unity game design 2 years ago. But it didn't went well..lacking of coding background, I found it's so hard to build a whole game myself.

Now I am focusing on 3D modelling, keep learning blender and try to build more portfolios in order to get a job in Gaming industry, meanwhile, I need to look for a job in another field to pay for living, as I understand getting in a game company take more time.

Please give me some advise on what I should focus or how I should improve! Many thanks!!!!


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G insane polycounter

    Hi! As to what to specifically focus on within 3d, with your experience in fashion (if you still enjoy it), you could look into cloth making for games using Marvelous Designer? The UI works you show are a bit too over the top with the 3d effects imo, it could compete with what's happening the scene. I would look at other games and take notes what works and what doesn't.

    True, creating a game requires some coding/scripting, but just getting a VR scene up and running to view 3d content to get started should be doable. If it gets more complex, there is plenty of free resources out there, just be selective with the resources you learn from to not waste time (official channels and engine documentation). Imo a sign of a good tutorial is that it states the goal upfront and lays out the steps how to get there. I recommend keeping the projects very small at the beginning to not get overwhelmed!

    Your portfolio looks very unique and a bit wild to be honest. I thinks it's too unfocused/noisy for everyday 3d game art. You could create a second portfolio (artstation seems very common among 3d artists), solely focused on showing game art skills, like working off existing concepts, creating highpoly models, creating game ready meshes, texturing, ... . Ideally have some renders of your models in a game engine, this way you show you also know how to implement content.

    Much success 💪

  • chaosreign
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    Thanks a lot for your comments Fabi_G! And thanks for reviewing my messy portfolios! I myself think its wild too haha coz I did lots of mini task after graduated and I just showed everything..I will build a nicer 3D only portfolio on Artstation as you suggested!

    I reviewed my past years on the way pursuing the VR/3D goals, I wasn't dedicated enough.(struggling in living cost and wore out energies in labor works) But I will pay more time and efforts from now on! 'Cause it is something I passionate in and no time to waste anymore!

    Yes I still enjoy designing fashion, and which it is one of my pending goal to make them 3D too! Will download the trial version of Marvelous Designer and start learning!

    Yes there are some XR development tutorials on Unity learning platform I should take more time study, and I purchase some discounted courses on GameDev.tv too. I should have started making demos like the cloudz one.

    Thanks again! And best wishes for you too!!

  • chien
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    chien polycounter lvl 13

    you have imagination that is great, just keep it up

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