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Level Box Inc. is looking for 2D game assets


My name is Jacob and I am the CEO of Level Box, a mobile game development company producing a freemium strategy app. We need to fill the following positions as soon as possible:

1) 2D game assets for a "background" - comparable to the maps and visuals seen in "Angry Birds 2". This comprises of 5-6 background layers, which will be rendered in parallax. Backgrounds need to be animated but this task can be done by an external party.

2) Spine animator for 2D characters and/or for the backgrounds (see task 1)

3) 2D Character illustrator to create spine-ready characters

We may also need the following roles, though they are less important as of now:

1) 3D environment/illustration artist for creating media facing illustrations

2) 3D video/vfx artists looking to create short and high quality animations

3) 2D Technical artist for Unity

Please email business@levelboxgames.com, or leave a message on this post, or DM me. Thank you in advanced!

PS: We are open to working with studios. Our budget for this project is around 20k. Serious offers only.

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