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3d model search engine

I have been working on a 3d model search engine for sometime.


It is indexing 3d models from several websites. I will be adding more websites very soon.

3d models can be filtered by price and formats. There is also a separate subcategory for printable 3d models.

Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.


  • okidoki
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    okidoki triangle

    Sorry this may be a bit offtopic.. but i always wonder (even at the big model market places).. how could someone find a version of a model which do fit their needs? .. i mean there are different premises for games as for VFX and even in one of this categories there are differences.. and for what is such a thing as number of vertices ?? Shouldn't be there something as vertices per volume to measure the density of details?

    And why are there so much trash in such search engines (not refereing to yours now; even at the big stores).. something which the kids of the neighbours of an 3D artist could do better ?? (And the are even pais models...)

    Just one example: try T-Rex.. what's this.. ?? anythings usable ?? If i would be anyone responsable to search for some model and i see you site.. do you think i would think: well this could be good in the future i have to look at this next month.. because i have so much tim to spend on re-re-searching psoibilities..

    Make more usable selections and maybe something like NOT zip (what ?? what is that for ??? someone have to download this to see what it is ????)

    But this are just my two cent..

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