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Substance Designer - Making an ID map for hair

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I have limited experience with Substance Designer, though it is something I want to make use of more in workflows. I have a lesson that goes over how to make hair using scratches in Designer, but I don't think it touches on many of the generated maps. I know how to go about getting a Normal, AO, Height, and Root map, but the one that's stumping me is how to make an ID map.

I'm familiar with making hair using XGen and baking with xNormal, but would like to try going about it in SD. With the XGen workflow, you can easily break up tubed geometry and bake a greyscale map to them. However, with SD, I can't think how I could do it. The only thing that comes to mind would be to make individual hairs/scratches and assign a random greyscale base colour to them, but that would take forever depending on the thickness of the clumps and how many are needed.

Is there a more clever and quicker way of going about it? Thanks.

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